BrassicaInfoThe Brassica rapa genome browser has been developed through a joint effort by the Ensembl Genomes group and Rothamsted Research. From release 13 of Ensembl Genomes, the EBI will be maintaining the genome browser for B. rapa in the context of Ensembl Plants.

Rothamsted Research Acknowledges:

  • BBSRC for funding (grant number BB/E017797/1)
  • Ian Bancroft and Martin Trick at the John Innes Centre for providing the gene annotation.
  • Nick James and Sean May (NASC) for their assistance in establishing BrassEnsembl.

About Brassica rapa

Brassica rapa (Chinese cabbage) is a widely cultivated leaf and root vegetable. The genome was sequenced as a contribution to the Multinational Brassica Genome Sequencing Project and was published in August 2011 (Wang X, et. al. Nature 2011).

Taxonomy ID 51351

Data source IVFCAAS

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