These pre-publication data are being released under guidelines of the Fort Lauderdale Agreement, which reaffirms the balance between fair use (i.e. no pre-emptive publication) and early disclosure. Users are encouraged use these data to advance their research on individual loci but are asked to respect the rights of the investigators who generated these data to publish the whole-genome level description of the O. glumaepatula in a peer-reviewed journal. This description includes whole-genome comparative analyses, genome size evolution, gene family evolution, gene organization and movement, heterochromatin, centromere evolution. This genome falls under the scope of the I-OMAP (International Oryza Map Alignment Project) consortium. The I-OMAP consortium is an internationally coordinated effort to create high-quality reference assemblies representing the diversity of wild and crop-progenitor species in the genus Oryza (Jacquemin et al, 2012). For inquiries and information on how to cite these data please contact Dr. Rod Wing.

About Oryza longistaminata

Oryza longistaminata (AA genome type) is a wild rice, Perennial, tall (2 m or more), erect, and rhizomatous grass; ligule of lower leaves >15 mm, acute or 2-cleft; panicles open to intermediately open; spikelets 4.5-11.4 mm long and 2-3 mm wide, awned (2-5 cm long); anther 1.5-8.2 mm long.

Taxonomy ID 4528

Data source BGI

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